Kate Northcott, LMFT


My fee is $200 for a 50 minute session.  What you will actually pay may depend on whether your insurance pays a portion of the bill.  PPO insurance companies will often pay for a percentage of my fee. You may be eligible for a tax deduction if you work in the field of mental health.


I do not contract with any insurance companies.  If you have an insurance carrier, you may still be able to obtain reimbursement for part of the per-session fee.  To find out how much of the fee would be covered, I recommend calling your insurance company in advance.   I am not covered by Medicare or Medi-Cal.

Other (philosophical) fee-related issues to consider

Ideally, paying for therapy motivates both client and therapist to work hard in therapy. Payment for services is one of the things that distinguish therapy from conversation.  By paying for the time you spend in therapy, you are more likely to consider some of the important questions in therapy: What do I want from this? What is this worth to me?  Am I getting what I paid for?


I require a 48-hour notification to cancel a session for any reason.  If you provide this advance notification, I will not charge you for the session.  If you do not provide me with a 48-hour notification, you will be charged for the missed session.  If I can fill your slot at the last minute, I will not charge you for the canceled session, even if you give me less than 48 hours notice.  If I can reschedule your appointment during the week of your original appointment time, I will not charge you for the session.  If I miss or have to cancel an appointment, you will not be charged.

Phone Calls

In certain cases, you may need to call me if a problem develops between sessions.  If a phone consultation is needed, I will charge for any time over 10 minutes on a pro-rated basis.  Often, I can schedule additional sessions with you at the office within a day or two of your call if needed.  If you think you will need to call me frequently between sessions, we should discuss this at the initial appointment.  If you believe you are having a life-threatening emergency and are unable to contact me you should go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Scheduling and First Appointment

Please contact me by email, if possible, to arrange an initial appointment.  I will be happy to answer questions about my practice by email and to briefly respond to questions about you and your needs for therapy by telephone (to preserve your confidentiality).  Our first appointment will allow time for you to tell me about yourself, for me to answer any questions about my practice and how we will work together.  This initial appointment itself can be very therapeutic.  My usual fee applies to your first appointment.  I will ask you to return questionnaires and therapy disclosures before your first appointment.  I will email these forms to you when we schedule your first appointment.

My Schedule

I am in my office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  My earliest appointment is at 11:00 a.m. and my latest appointment is at 4:00 p.m.