Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy is a body-centered, somatic psychotherapy. It recognizes the oneness in body and mind and actively includes awareness of one’s physical experience, such as breathing, posture, and movements, as a doorway into the psyche. The body becomes a resource and ally for increased self-awareness.

The therapeutic relationship is an essential component of Hakomi. The process unfolds with a deep, authentic, and highly attuned connection between therapist and client. This openhearted presence creates a quality of contact that allows mind, body, and spirit to feel safe in exploring vulnerabilities and moving toward wholeness.

Through the principles of: mindfulness, compassion, trust in the innate desire for wholeness, and the connection between all Beings, clients are able to explore core material, transform limiting beliefs, and experience aliveness. For more information, please go to www.hakomicalifornia.org/