Integrate DBT Skills Into Your Practice: Individual Consultation for Clinicians

DBT Skills Training can be complementary and supportive of a variety of psychotherapy approaches.  Therapy deepens and progresses when the vulnerable, emotionally dysregulated client is supported by the highly effective skills developed by Marsha Linehan.  Kate Northcott and Lori Schwanbeck offer individual consultation for clinicians who would like to encourage their clients to study DBT Skills and who would like to integrate skills concepts into their practice.  Please contact Lori or Kate for more information about individual consultation.

Kate Northcott

About Kate Northcott

Kate has been practicing psychotherapy since 1993. She is one of the founders of Mindfulness Therapy Associates and has been practicing DBT since 2000. As one of the founders and the Clinical Director of New Perspectives Center for Counseling from 1993-2013, she designed and implemented the NPCC mindfulness-based clinical training program for MFT interns. She continues to teach and supervise interns in addition to her psychotherapy practice.